About Us

General Manufacturing LLC has been in operation since opening its doors at our original location in Elk Grove Village. Since then, GM has built out a warehouse that utilizes 60 modern CNC, and implemented a successful enterprise resourcing system.

We look to better serve our customers by stocking a variety of raw materials, as well as stock castings, forgings, bars, and semi-finished blanks to always be prepared for any situation where we can save time and money for our customers. 

By working with the customer from concept to finished product, GM is here to provide continuous support and updates throughout the entire production process.

The General Manufacturing Competitive Advantage

Ability to Work Within Tighter Tolerances

Keep Stock of Exotic Raw Materials for Unique or Uncommon  Parts and Quick Turnaround Time

Built A Large Network of Suppliers Over 50 Plus Years of Operation

On-hand Inventory for Kanban or Blanket Order Releases

No Limits on Number of Parts Within Order 

Access To Advanced Engineering equipment Via PPS

Affiliate of Power Plant Services (PPS) – A Turnkey Provider of the Power Generation Industry



1725 N. 33rd Ave., Melrose Park, IL, 60160